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Spherodon Plus Spherical Amalgam Alloy Capsules 60% Ag Jar/500

by Silmet
SKU 131491
Original price $624.95 - Original price $979.95
Original price
$624.95 - $979.95
Current price $624.95

Spherodon Plus amalgam 500 per jar by Silmet is a single composition ultra-fine spherical ternary. This formulation utilizes modern resin technology that offers unique dimensional stability and resistance to corrosion. 100% spherical alloy, 60% Ag, high copper, non gamma II. COMPARES TO: Tytin, Troposphere, Logic, Valient Surecap.

Contains: 500 capsules.


  • 100% spherical particles
  • Superb compressive and tensile strength
  • Decreases micro leakage
  • Easy handling and smooth carving
  • Extra low mercury alloy ratio
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