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Silk Line Soft Denture Reline Material Kit, 28-100100

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Silk Line™ is a silicone-based, soft denture relining material that has no odor or taste and offers strong adhesion, exceptional durability, and high resistance to tear, abrasion, and discoloration. It is capable of withstanding wear up to two years. The cartridge dispensing system eliminates mess. Silk Line cures intraorally within four minutes.


  • Direct chairside denture relining
  • Laboratory denture relining
  • Cushioning implants during healing process

Kit contains: Auto-Mix Cartridge (50ml), Primer (5ml), Varnish Catalyst (5ml), Varnish Base (5ml), Mixing Tips (10), Disposable Mixing Well (10), Disposable Brushes (20), and Brush Handle (1).

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