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Visionary X-Ray Lead-Free Panoramic Poncho Apron Ea

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The Visionary Lead-Free X-Ray Apron provides complete protection for your patient with a 0.25 Medical grade lead equivalence. The unique inner material is 30% lighter the traditional lead aprons. The outer fabric from polyurethane coated anti-microbial. It has a gentle soft feel material that is flexible and is easy to clean.


  • Core Material IEC Certified 0.25mm lead equivalence
  • Our unique material offers the same protection but is at least 30% lighter than lead.
  • Lead free aprons are environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of.
  • Outer fabric made from Polyurethane coated anti-microbial fabric (Soft T-Touch)
  • Gentle feel material, supple and easy to clean
  • 21.65” x 31.5”

Contains: 1 Piece.