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Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step Medium Body Fast Set Double Package

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  • Excellent flow properties-captures fine details for precise impressions.
  • Intrinsic hydrophilicity provides accuracy even in moist conditions, right from the start of the mix.
  • "Snap-set behavior" of soft polyether is ultra-forgiving and results in precise-fitting restorations without distortion.
  • Helps get an accurate impression on the first take-reducing the need for costly adjustments, remakes, and retakes.
  • Less rigid polyether is easier to remove, great for dual-arch trays.
  • Quick Step materials cut working and setting times by at least 33%.

Get accurate detail even in moist conditions with this polyether impression material.

Suggested Applications

  • Crown and bridge impressions.
  • Inlay and onlay impressions.
  • Functional impressions.
  • Implant abutments.
  • Quick-setting materials especially suited for single-unit and two-unit impressions.
  • Denture and partial denture impressions.

Contains: 2 x 300mL Polybags Base, 2 x 60mlL Polybags Catalyst.

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