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32Choice Gold Plated Screw Posts Box/12

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Screw Post Gold Plated 12 per package by 32Cart are made with high quality precision finish in a special lead free alloy, conical shaped. Thread made similar to that of a modern self-tapping screw. Gold plated screw posts electrolytically plated with a thick layer of 24 K gold. COMPARES TO: Dentatus Posts.
  • Perform extremely well with bonding agents and composite restorative materials as well as with traditional phosphate and carboxylate cements 
  • Anatomically-shaped tip design
  • Square cross-cut head provides maximum material retention
  • Available in 4 length (7.8mm – 14.2mm) and 6 diameter (1.05mm-1.80mm)
  • Corresponding reamers match exact diameter and taper of posts