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Flight Dental Systems G.COMM IRIS LED Post Mounted Light, LL-306G

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G.Comm IRIS LED Post Mounted Light

Standard Features:
Free movement as a result of 3rd axis
Low energy consumption <20s
No fan, less noise and improved working conditions
Low heat production
Minimum LED lifetime is about 50,000 hours
Patented color temperature adjustment
3 modes (cure safe mode, surgical procedures, color matching mode)

LED Lamp Consumption: <20 watt
Input Voltage: 110/220V, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 17 - 24Vac
Color Temperature: 4200 - 6000 K (5 adjustable steps)
Light Intensity (Lux): High 35,000; Low 8,000 (5 adjustable steps)
Focal Length: 27.6" (70cm)
Light Pattern: 2.8" x 5.6" (7 cm x 14cm)
CRI (Color Rendering Index): >90%
Light Source: 8 LED
Emission Spectrum: 380 - 780 nm

Replacement LED Light Assembly
Replacement Shield
24 V Transformer (Power cord and transformer)
Replacement Aluminum Handles
40" Light Post for 2" Post bracket (fit only Flight Lights)