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EQ-S Cordless Root Canal Irrigant Activator Complete Kit

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Cordless Root Canal Irrigant Activator

EQ-S is the most efficient 3D irrigation solution activator available. Its multi-directional active-flow technology strongly and quickly sends irrigant throughout the canal, allowing you to safely and effectively disinfect the canal.


  • Active Flow Technology – Indentations along the tip, combined with a counter-clockwise motion, ensures 3D Active Flow. The unique shape and design of the EQ-S tip create stronger force, which enhances irrigant flow in small canals.
  • Powerful Cleaning – Using EQ-S with MD-Cleanser ensures better cleaning and disinfection
  • Active Flow Polymer Tip
    • Less pressure to the apical foramen
    • Easier access to curved canals
    • Perfect interaction with irrigant
    • Color-coded
    • Rotational & Vertical movement
    • Powerful Cleaning


·         Dimensions:  W24 x H25 x L183

·         Weight:  43gm

·         Battery:  1.5 V [Alkaline(AA)]

·         Operation Time:  9 hours (continuous operation)

Contains:  Cordless Irrigator, 90 Tips, 100 Protective Sleeves.

Color: Gray