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Cardinal-P1119-1C pH Test Strip Cardinal Health 0 to 14.0

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  • Long range
  • pH range 0 to 14 - 1.0 sensitivity
  • 4 test fields
  • The dyes on these pH indicator strips, in contrast to conventional indicator papers, are substantively bound to the cellulose fibers: As a result, the possibility of the color bleeding, even in strongly basic solutions, is avoided
  • The measurement of pH value is possible even in unbuffered or very weakly buffered solutions since the strips can be left in the solution until the final color change is completed
  • Indicator dyes will not contaminate samples and colors will not run into each other
  • 6 x 5 mm indicator papers are sealed on a 6 x 85 mm plastic strip
  • Strips are sufficiently long to avoid contact between fingers and test sample