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DentiMax AdvanceCAM Intraoral Camera

Original price $644.95 - Original price $644.95
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$644.95 - $644.95
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With our AdvanceCAM, you’ll get an easy solution that integrates seamlessly with your system. 

Because of its USB direct connection, there is no docking station required. This removes annoying cables and confusing connections.

With 6 white LEDs for its light source, it’s easy to see everything in your patient’s mouth.

With the image capture size at 640 x 480 and a frame rate at 30fpx, these dental images make it easy to transfer. This is great for treatment planning or sending documentation in insurance claims.

The AdvanceCAM integrates perfectly with DentiMax Imaging Software’s open system. Other system integrations include ApteryxⓇ Xray Vision, Patterson EaglesoftⓇ, Professor SuniⓇ, CliniViewⓇ, KodakⓇ, EvaⓇ, XDRⓇ, and EZ2000Ⓡ software(s).

Contains: 1 Complete Unit.