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3D Prophy Handpiece Straight 4-Hole 4000 RPM

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Our premium quality Prophy Handpieces are the lightest on the market weighing in at just 2.3oz!  3D Dental's Prophy Handpieces are made with friction grip chucking. Just push in or pull out the Prophy head.

 With its ergonomic design providing perfect balance, its smooth, vibration-free operation up to 4,000 RPM, and its 360° swivel for superb maneuverability, it is no wonder that our Prophy Handpieces are some of the best on the market.

Handpieces are compatible with all standard disposable Prophy Angles, plastic, or metal.


  • Lightest Swivel Hygiene Handpiece
  • Friction grip chucking, just push in or pull out the prophy head.
  • Smooth, vibration-free operation up to 4,000 RPM
  • Ergonomic design provides perfect balance with 360° swivel for superb maneuverability
  • Compatible with all standard disposable Prophy Angles

Contains: 1 Piece.